Memorial Day

RINA Accountants & Advisors honors the members of the Armed Services who have given their lives for our country.

Our offices will reopen Tuesday, May 31 at 8:30 am.

The information above is a straight-forward statement about the Memorial Day holiday. Together with the graphics reflecting on soldiers and loss, they feel simple and appropriate for the occasion. It’s the text and pictures we’ve used for the RINA commemoration of the day.

But getting the post together was an eye-opening trip into the nature of modern holidays.

When I searched stock footage for a graphic, there were a lot of reasonable choices at the top of the page. Red, white, and blue posters — or black posters with white lettering — that proclaimed “Remember and Honor”.  I felt in tune with most of the initial graphics displayed by the stock image vendor.

Memorial Day Graphic
Memorial Day Graphic
Memorial Day Graphic
Memorial Day Graphic

But, quickly the choices devolved into generic day-off-work greetings. I know BBQ’s frequently happen on Memorial Day and the summer social season officially starts with the holiday. Still, it feels wrong the CELEBRATE this day of remembrance, unless the “celebrate” is said in a way similar to a priest celebrating mass.

I’m all for parties on long weekends. However, my inner curmudgeon balks at “Party” and “Memorial Day” together. We can party on Memorial Day weekend or on the day itself, but are we really partying in observance of Memorial Day?

Memorial Day Party Poster
Memorial Day BBQ Poster

My least favorite way to mark the day is when stores completely lose the meaning of the holiday and make Memorial Day a sale opportunity just like any other calendar event. A little restraint or a little nod to the meaning of the day would be good, I think.

Alas. Our stock photo source is awash in generic sales hype.

Memorial Day 50% Off Banner
Memorial Day Sale Poster

It’s unreasonable and unnecessary that every moment of Monday’s holiday be dedicated to Remembering and Honoring the men and woman who gave their life to protect the country. But, still. I like that our firm focuses on the reason for the holiday in its posts.

Greeting me with a “Happy Memorial Day” makes me wince.

I mean, around Easter do you go up to friends and wish them a “Merry Good Friday”?

Happy Memorial Day Sale
Happy Memorial Day BBQ
Happy Memorial Day Greeting