As our HR Director, Carrie Whisler has been the caretaker of and a contributor to RINA’s culture for many years.

Her personal integrity and our core values always guided her efforts in recruiting and developing our people as well as insuring our HR policies were up to date.

Carrie and I often talked about the firm’s programs to grow our people and the concept of professionalism that it entails. She initiated or oversaw many programs that sought to develop not only the technical skills but also the soft skills needed to succeed in a public accounting firm. She had a unique ability to see each person as an individual and adapt to their needs in a given situation. She treated each person as a talented member of the team, whether they were an aspiring CPA or an administrative professional.

I am personally grateful for her support and guidance throughout my tenure as president. She was a sounding board that was strong enough to tell me when I was heading in the wrong direction. More often, she brought best practices to my attention that helped us improve the firm.

Our vision statement begins with the goal of being the most respected firm in Northern California. Carrie epitomizes that respect and earned it throughout her career.

We will be forever grateful for the impact she has made on RINA.