Thank you to RINA’s clients for your generous responses to our annual satisfaction survey! In December an independent firm, ClearlyRated, sent email to RINA’s clients asking them to score our services and we are grateful that over 20% of clients answered and gave us an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.

In addition, many clients took the time to mention specific people or actions that helped them. We so appreciate the happy shout outs!

Overall we earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 75.3% which compares extremely well against the benchmark accounting industry NPS of 23%. Over 90% of respondents said we always deliver high quality, error-free work.

I like working at RINA because we honestly do value our clients and team members above everything. Our Core Values start with Put People First and being Committed to our Staff’s, Clients’, and Community’s Success. I am personally delighted by the results of the third-party inquiry into our clients’ happiness with our services because it shows that we are living up to what we think is important.

We will be sharing some of the comments our clients made in social media posts. We don’t mean to simply brag, but we want to showcase the efforts of our team members and acknowledge their powerful contribution to our clients’ success and future.

Of course, we will also look at ways to improve our service in the coming year. We noticed that only 74% of you thought we were sufficiently proactive or responsive, and we want to do better in the future.

But for the moment at the start of the New Year, please join me in celebrating RINA’s success in helping clients and satisfying their accounting needs. And, let us work together to improve our service to you in 2022.