I am telling my clients and my real estate professional friends that they should come to RINA’s January 19th real estate advice webinar to find out what Jeff Weil, one of the Bay Area’s top real estate prognosticators, thinks is going to happen in 2022. Listening to real estate investment gurus now is more important than it is most years because the pandemic dramatically disrupted the market.

Closed Mall Stores

In more normal years, at our January seminar investors check in on the progress of well understood trends. They watch knowingly as more multi-family units are constructed and analyze what the continued move away from open space offices means.

We throw in some comments about complex issues like the differences between recourse and non-recourse loans.

The topics are thought provoking and interesting, but in some way they are familiar and expected.

But, in 2022 Things are Different!

Jeff is a unique resource. He has been focused on the sale and leasing of East Bay commercial real estate for over 45 years. He knows the details and also sees the big picture.

If you are interested in real estate as an investment, I hope you will come to Jeff’s presentation and the following Q&A session.

Check out our registration page with more information.