Hi, everyone!

Many of you may not be aware that we are hiring in Advisory Services (a/k/a “CAS”), as well as on other teams. Advisory Services has exploded in regards to new work – and, I need your help in finding great people to join our RINA team.

We are focused on hiring great people – people you know, those you’ve worked with, or perhaps someone you’ve wanted to work with for a while now and didn’t know how they might fit in Audit or Tax. Although we have a need for help right now, we’d rather bring on solid, long-term additions to the RINA team, and that may mean taking the time to get to know someone. If you have someone you’d like to recommend for Advisory Services who has experience in Accounting, Finance, or Operations, please introduce us.

Many of you have asked:  So… what is it you do over there in advisory services?

A Client Advisor

Well… we do a lot! Some examples that are on our plates right now:

  • Setting up a corrected chart of accounts for an owner of a company, correcting the accounts, and educating the owner on creating and reading financial statements
  • Reviewing sales tax payable over multiple years and correcting the financial accounts
  • Moving a retail client from cash-based to accrual-based financial reporting
  • Cash flow forecasting for seasonal grocery store sales
  • 2022 budgeting for a growing construction company
  • Helping an international non-profit launch in the U.S.
  • Identifying metrics and creating management dashboards for a services company
  • Managing commissions and payroll for a growing recruiting firm

…and, yes, we do some routine bookkeeping, as well. For many of our new clients, we are not doing any bookkeeping at all. What I listed above is a fraction of what we are working on currently. We are an integral part of the financial support system for our clients’ businesses, and we’re looking for people who are excited to participate in our clients’ successes.

Do you know of anyone who:

  1. Would be a great fit at RINA (meaning you would want to work side by side with this person)
  2. Is a “numbers” person (accounting or finance or operations – but really must have a desire to work with numbers – not someone who can, but someone who wants to work with numbers)
  3. Is not afraid of new situations where we need to dig into the problems before we can work on solutions (loves puzzles!)

If you know of someone who fits one of the attached roles, or who fits the bullet points above but doesn’t quite fit the attached roles, please introduce me to that person (with a cc: to Carrie). We are trying to find the right additions to the team, and we’d rather have really talented individuals, than perfect fits for a written job description. We have a need for people at many different levels of experience.

By the way, I don’t want to steal great Audit or Tax candidates, but if you know someone who is taking a break from the seasonality of Tax or Audit, or someone who wants to try something different, but isn’t sure Advisory is the way to go, please do introduce us.

Thanks for thinking about this and sharing RINA’s Advisory opportunities with your friends and network!

All the best,

dillg@rina.com :: 415-549-8864

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