Even before COVID hit, a major issue in the accounting industry was identifying and retaining quality professional staff. Recruiting has been a top subject in meetings with other firms both locally and internationally.

As RINA’s Human Resources Director I am often the main contact for prospective employees and have the responsibility of letting quality people know why they should consider our firm.

Fortunately, RINA has some definite positive qualities that I can point out to prospective hires.

We Live Our Core Values

RINA has taken the time to talk to our professional and support staff to find out what our team members like about working. What motivates them to come into the office log on to their work computers.

Not surprisingly, no one mentioned their paycheck.

Instead people talked about how they liked helping clients and each other. They liked solving problems in a cooperative way. They liked working with people and for people who spoke to them directly and truthfully. They liked an environment where quality was valued and where people shared knowledge without bragging. Most importantly, they liked being in a place where the importance of family and other non-work time was valued.

There were more aspects of RINA culture that people valued. They appreciated the opportunity for mentorship and professional growth. They liked the mixture of informality and professionalism. They valued the accessibility of partners and other senior personnel and the willingness of the gurus to share their knowledge.

As we thought more about what we believe is key to making RINA RINA, we crafted a list of Core Values. The bullet points of the values are posted in the graphic, and the official firm website gives a bit more description.

RINA is committed to being a positive force in the life of our employees and clients.

As a midsize regional firm in the San Francisco Bay area, we strongly feel ties to each other and to our communities. Our employees have the opportunity to at least meet socially or for a business reason virtually every other person who works for RINA. We know each other and grow to care for each other.

We also feel grounded in the Bay Area. This is true even for those of us who now work remotely from the 408, 415, 510, 707, or even 925 areas codes. Many of our business and not-for-profit clients are names we heard about before working for the firm.

RINA hasn’t just posted its Core Values and moved on. About once a month the firm as a whole recognizes a staff member whose work exemplifies a core value. We celebrate their attitude and achievement, and thank them for inspiring us. (Some recent honorees have been Mainila Pandit-Subedi, Kathy Moody, and Keith Block.)

Our firm doesn’t claim to be unique in what is at the core of its corporate culture. But, we do consider our values in all of our work activities. We believe they make RINA a good choice as place to work… and a good choice of an accounting firm to engage.

RINA's Core Values

RINA is a Midsize Firm

RINA’s size is a definite positive point for many of our staff members. We have slightly fewer than 100 team members and that is a comfortable collection of coworkers.

As I mentioned earlier, most of us meet, talk to, or have some contact with everyone in the firm. This feels good! There is no remote Powers That Be or hidden bureaucracy.

At RINA we try to have the same staff work on the same clients year after year. This means this year’s junior accountant will be watched over by a supervisor who themselves grew up learning the client’s business. As the supervisor becomes a manager and then a partner, their relationship with the client deepens while the client experiences constant contact with people they know.

Because of our size, all of partners know how all of the professional staff are feeling, their strengths, and their needs. RINA is able to allocate resources and provide training based on real-world feedback and instead of falling back on manuals and procedures that might be outdated or at least more suitable for a different geographic area and culture.

Yes, RINA is a Great Place to Work

Yes, I hope this post will encourage quality potential team members to contact me about about working at RINA.

We have great people with great values!