One of the joys of working in an accounting firm like RINA is that we are the right size to have many different points of view on accounting and public policy topics. AND we are small enough to feel comfortable sharing our views with our fellow team members.

However, as a firm, we try to keep our personal views off our official web site pages. Our website tries to be dispassionate and stick to the facts.

So, when the IRS announces a sudden postponement in the tax deadline, our website will announce the new deadline date. But, we won’t publish any comments on how the extra time to file for our clients results in a piling up of work later in the year for our professionals. And, we also don’t officially gripe that the new dates mean planned after-tax-season vacations get canceled.

When the California legislature doesn’t decide if it is going to match the Federal government’s generous rules on PPP loan forgiveness, our website doesn’t say the state is dithering. Instead our official statements suggest only that affected businesses file an extension until the rules are firmed up. And, when the state finally adopts official policy on loan forgiveness we give guidance on how clients can conform to the state’s rules without complaining now we have literally hundreds of clients who want us to complete their returns in less than two weeks.

Our website doesn’t also give us space to talk about why we like being an accountant or what types of engagements we find most rewarding. We also don’t talk about our personal lives and the insights we get from our time outside of work.

No, the firm’s website represents The Firm. We focus on the It should.

But,  there is value in clients knowing how their professional react and feel about some of the situations in our industry. Knowing what concerns your accountant has about a law, a proposed law, or the accounting world in general gives you inside insight.

Moreover, we think most people engage an accountant because they feel like there is an intellectual, emotional, personality match. Learning the views of the RINA professional you trust your finances to will increase your comfort level. We hope!

RINA is encouraging its professional and support staff to share their thoughts with you in a blog format.